Overviews CO2 utilisation

Here you will find current "Policy Reports", which collect, classify and evaluate the current state of research on CO2 utilisation technologies, primarily for target groups in politics and industry and for societal interest groups.

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage: Overview and Considerations for State Planning

The report of the US National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) provides an overview of carbon capture opportunities in different emitting sectors, capture technologies and different uses. These are placed in the context of federal planning processes and policy decisions.

CO2-Utilisation Roadmap (2021)

The study by the Australia National Science Agency provides a comprehensive overview of different pathways for CO2 utilisation and formulates recommendations for their expansion and implementation.

Industrielle CO2-Kreisläufe (2021)
Available in German language only

The VDI study addresses various questions concerning CO2 utilization technologies: Which CO2 sources can be sensibly used as raw materials? How can material CO2 utilization look like in CO2 cycles? Which uses are already established, what new developments are there, what are the environmental aspects and what are the potentials? The status report also deals with a possible transport infrastructure, temporary storage and the risks involved in handling carbon dioxide, as well as questions of acceptance.

Technische CO2-Senken - techno-ökonomische Analyse ausgewählter CO2-Negativemissionstechnologien (2021)
Available in German language only

The dena study looks at the technical and economic potential of CO2 capture, transport, use and storage and makes recommendations for their implementation. It was published as a short report as part of dena's lead study "Aufbruch Klimaneutralität".

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) - Anforderungen der deutschen Industrie an die Führung von Kohlenstoff im Kreislauf (2021)
Available in German language only

The BDI's discussion paper on carbon capture, use and storage argues for a technology-open and transparent debate on the most effective way to reduce emissions.



IEA: Putting CO2 to use
Creating value from emissions (2019)

Against the background of a growing interest for CO2 utilisation in policy making, industry and among investors, the study of the International Energy Agency IEA considers the near-term market potential for five key categories of CO2-derived products and services. The study also provides an estimate of the CO2 utilisation potential regarding fuels, chemicals, building materials from minerals, building materials from waste, and CO2 use to enhance the yields of biological processes.

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Roadmap: Zukünftige Nutzung von CO2 als Rohstoffbasis in der deutschen Chemie- und Kunststoffindustrie (2019), German only

The roadmap of the Center for Environmental Systems Research (CESR) at the University of Kassel outlines the further development of technologies for CO2 utilisation in the chemical industry based on current technical, ecological and economic assessments and describes possible supporting measures to market maturity. It is intended to serve as a basis for a discussion with and between the actors involved in German industry.




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Novel Carbon Capture and Utilisation Technologies (2018)

The report of the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors in the Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) of the European Commission provides the Commission with an answer to the question of how CO2 utilisation technologies can be assessed in future political decision-making processes and to what extent they can be promoted. The main aim is to clarify whether and under what circumstances such technologies can contribute to climate protection.

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Novel Carbon Capture and Utilisation Technologies (2018)

The report of the Science Advice for Policy by European Academies (SAPEA) describes and evaluates CO2 utilisation technologies comprehensively and in detail, particularly with regard to research and climate protection, and formulates political options for action.

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Carbon Dioxide Utilization (CO2U) ICEF ROADMAP (2017)   

The roadmap was developed in the run-up to COP-23 in Bonn. It looks at different categories of CO2-based products in the construction and chemical industries, the technologies that can be used to convert CO2 into these products, and the associated research and development needs. It also discusses the topic of life cycle analysis (LCA) and describes policy instruments that could be used to promote CO2-based products.

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The potential and limitations of using carbon dioxide (2017)

The Policy Report of the Royal Society describes the current state of research on CO2 utilisation. This is done against the background of integrating these technologies into the political goal of creating a low carbon economy in Great Britain.

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 The Business Side of Innovative CO2 Utilisation (2015)

The report of the Technical University of Berlin, prepared with the support of the EU initiative Climate-KIC of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), aims to describe CO2 utilisation technologies for a broad audience and primarily addresses economic aspects of CO2 utilisation. The market development of the individual CO2 utilisation technologies is described and possible obstacles to market entry are compared. The report also includes results of the EnCO2re research programme.

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