Upcoming events

29. Jun 2021


US/German workshop series on artificial photosynthesis - Session 2

Topic: Light Energy Converters for Artificial Leafs

The second session of the workshop series on artificial photosyntheisis will address and compare different absorber structures and the involved processes, perspectives and limitations for the optimized formation of the electrochemical potential difference of electrons and holes with maximized photocurrent.

Talks will be given by Prof. Thomas Hannappel and Prof. Matthias Beller from Germany and by Prof. Joel Ager and Prof. James Mayer from the US.

18. - 22. JUL 2021

ICCDU 2021 - 18th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization


The ICCDU XVIII was to take place in South Korea from 19 to 23 July 2020. However, due to the Corona pandemic, the event has been postponed until 18 to 22 July 2021. Further information on the new event date, registration and programme can be found on the event website.

OCT 2021

17th Carbon Dioxide Utilization Summit

This ACI event in Brussels presents current and future initiatives and projects in the field of CO2 utilisation. Participants can learn about the possibilities of partnerships in industrial clusters, best-practice examples in the field of LCA and regulatory developments. The day before, a tour of ArcelorMittal's Steelanol plant in Ghent (Belgium) will take place.   

Due to the Corona virus, the event is postponed to October 2021.

Previous events

16. Jun 2021

Joint Ventures on CO2-based plastics for consumer products

Learn more about the cooperations along the value chain in the field of CCU! At the workshop, representatives from different stages of the value chain will talk about their experiences.

8.-9. Jun 2021

1st Status conference of the BMBF funding measure CO2-WIN

On June 8th/9th, 2021, the 1st status conference of the BMBF funding measure CO2-WIN will take place. During the digital event, the 14 funded projects will be presented and the first results discussed.

25. Mai 2021

Kick-off US/German workshop series on artificial photosynthesis

Learn more about the state of the art of artificial photosynthesis! At the workshop, high level experts from the US and Geramny will set scene to enable a continuous exchange on various aspects that can bring those processes from lab to demonstration.

7. - 9. Apr 2021

RSC Faraday Discussion on Carbon Dioxide Utilisation

In April 2021, the Royal Society of Chemistry hosts a Faraday Discussion on CO2 use. The Faraday Discussion format has been in existence for over 100 years and is aimed primarily at scientists and doctoral students. Further information about the event as well as an explanatory video on the history of the traditional Faraday Discussion can be found on the event's website.

23.-24. MAR 2021

9th Conference on CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals

The conference is one of the oldest and most established worldwide and has developed into a unique meeting place for the entire Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU) and Power-to-X industry and its customers. The first day will focus on CO2-based transport and aviation fuels, the second on CO2-based bulk and fine chemicals. CCU technologies are essential to meet the future demand for carbon from renewable sources. Take a look into the near future and exchange ideas with the leading pioneers.

25. MAR 2021

Sustainable Plastics: Joining CCU, Circular Economy and Power-to-X for better Polymers (Final Stakeholder Event of the Horizon2020 projects Carbon4PUR & CO2EXIDE)


The two European Horizon2020 research and innovation projects Carbon4PUR and CO2EXIDE invite you to their final joint presentation of R&D results on renewable production routes towards polyurethanes and ethylene oxide derivatives. The event will focus on CO/CO2 as raw materials for sustainable chemistry, suggests a pan-European approach to a global challenge and will be framed by contributions and statements of the European Commission, experts from science and industry, and board members of the industrial partners.

The event will take place online and is free of charge. View the programme and register at the link below.

15. DEC 2020

Mineralisation - How to Trap CO2 in Useful Rocks

Mineralisation of CO2, also known as carbonation, is a Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU) technology. In this process, CO2 captured from industrial emissions or directly from the air reacts with calcium- and magnesium-rich materials (e.g. originating from construction and demolition waste, steel slags, incineration by-products) to produce valuable products, like construction materials, where CO2 is stably sequestered. It is therefore a process with a major climate change mitigation potential, all the while promoting waste management approaches based on the circular economy principle.

CO2 Value Europe organises a workshop where its pioneer members Carbon8 Systems, VITO, Orbix and Mitsubishi Corporation will present current developments in CO2 mineralisation based on real-life applications (e.g. CO2-based construction aggregates, pavements, concrete). Prof. Andre Bardow (ETH Zürich) will explain how mineralisation can contribute to climate change mitigation from a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) perspective. Current priorities towards a regulatory framework that will acknowledge and support the role of CO2 mineralisation will be adressed.

The event is virtual.

19. - 20. Nov 2020

Hydrogen Technology Conf & Expo und Carbon Capture Technology Conf & Expo

The conference Hydrogen Technology and Carbon Capture Technology will deal with two topics that are of great relevance for a future "low-carbon economy". One of the topics will be the hurdles in water and fuel cell technologies in the realisation of a sustainable energy transition. Representatives of different industrial sectors are invited to discuss the problems of production, storage and infrastructure of hydrogen technologies. At the same time, the Carbon Capture Technology Conference will provide information on the use and storage of emissions. The topics of a more sustainable use of raw materials and the possible integration of CO2 into the intended recycling economy will also be discussed.

15. - 20. Nov 2020

AIChE 2020 Annual General Meeting

The annual AIChE meeting in San Francisco invites chemical engineers to exchange information on innovations and developments in chemical engineering.  Among other things, the meeting is intended to provide information and discussion about plastics production and measures for the management of plastic waste.

18. NOV 2020

CO2 Carbonation as a Pathway for a Sustainable Cement Industry?

The webinar of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam introduces the topic of CO2 mineralization, discusses with the participants the political context of such technologies and presents research results from the BMBF project CO2MIN.  

28. OCT 2020

Technology Forum „New Liquid Energy Carriers“

Science and technology are already getting climate protection moving with "green molecules" in many projects and pilot plants - from road traffic to shipping and in the heating market. And more than ever before, companies are planning to break completely new ground. How do we get from strategy to practice? The "Technology Forum - New Liquid Energy Sources" aims to provide impulses and intensify the dialogue with decision-makers and experts in the energy sector across industries and sectors.

28. OCT 2020

Circular Economy – Market Acceptance Through Knowledge and Technology Transfer

The conference is dedicated to the circular economy and deals with the question what is necessary to establish solutions in the market.

27.-28. OCT 2020

Digital Conference "Industrial Technologies 2020"

Industrial technologies play a key role in the European industry. They provide essential foundations for the competitiveness of the European Union, shape all sectors of the economy and contribute to the solution of societal challenges and a sustainable future. The digital conference “Industrial Technologies 2020 – Transition to Sustainable Prosperity” will take place under the auspices of the German Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

27.-28. OCT 2020

3rd Carbon2Chem Conference

At the conference in Berlin the achieved goals and upcoming challenges of the Carbon2Chem project will be presented.

27. OCT 2020

Expert forum "Emission Trading" 2020

In view of the ongoing Corona pandemic, Europe is facing major challenges, which also affect European emissions trading. With the Green Deal, the EU Commission is promoting the reconciliation of the reduction of climate-relevant gases with the economic challenges. What options are there for resolving this conflict of objectives? This year's VDI Expert Forum will discuss this issue with the experts concerned.

27. OCT 2020

Webinar: All about RC(I) - Discussing the Renewable Carbon Strategy and Initiative

In this webinar, the Renewable Carbon Initiative will introduce herself and answer questions about strategy and planned activities.

20./27. OCT 2020

Dechema Virtual Talks: CO2- Management for the Process Industries

During the one hour Virtual Talks on 20 and 27 October, experts from Germany and the Netherlands will inform about different CO2 management strategies in the chemical industry.

25. Aug 2020

Virtual CO2 "Site" Seeing World Tour

CO2 Utilization, Direct Air Capture

DECHEMA brings you virtually to five of the most advanced and well known CCU plants in the world. DECHEMA’s so-called CCU Summer Special on 25th August 2020 will give the participants the opportunity to virtually visit those plants on three different continents in less than five and a half hours and meet with experts from all over the world for a virtual roundtable.

17. Jul 2018

Final Conference EU H2020 Project "CarbonNext"

CO2-Utilisation, 17th July 2018, Brussels, Belgium

CarbonNext evaluates the potential use of CO2/CO as carbon-feedstock for the process industry in Europe. Learn more about the whole carbon value chain – from mapping of CO/CO2 all over Europe, identified processes and products where alternative carbon sources can be used – and get in touch with an interdisciplinary network of CCU stakeholders.

More information will be available soon.  

17. - 18. Apr 2018

1. Status conference BMBF Funding measure CO2Plus

CO2 Utilization, 17th -18th April 2018, Berlin, Kalkscheune

Save the date! On 17th and 18th April 2018, the 1st status conference of the BMBF funding measure CO2Plus will take place in the Kalkscheune in Berlin. The 13 funded projects will be presented and the first results will be discussed. The conference language will be German.

The programme and access to the application form will be published at a later date.

16.-17. May 2018

CO2 Reuse Summit

CO2 Utilisation, 16.-17. May 2018, Zurich, Switzerland

CO2 Reuse Summit, taking place on 16-17 May 2018 in Zurich, will bring together major stakeholders from the industry to highlight latest developments related to carbon utilization. We will discuss key challenges and opportunities when it comes to technology, economics or regulation. We invite you to join your peers for 2 days of interactive presentations, case studies and networking sessions. Get involved in building the decarbonized society.

27.-23. Aug 2018

16th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilisation

CO2 Utilisation, 27. - 30. August 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The main focus of the conference is "Sustainability through CO2 Utilization" and will encompasses six topics: Thermal and Catalytic Conversion of CO2 into Fuels and Chemicals; CO2 Conversion by Electrochemical, Photochemical, Plasma-Induced and other non-Conventional Energy Sources; CO2 Conversion by Biotechnological Routes; CO2 Capture Processes; CO2 as Working Agent; Policies, Regulations, Life Cycle Analysis, Economic, Environmental and Social Aspects of Sustainable CO2 Utilization.

17. February

AAAS Meeting 2019 - Carbon Dioxide Utilization (CCU): An Opportunity to Tackle Climate Change

CCU, 17th February, Washington, USA

Tackling the root cause of climate change requires a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, of which Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the most prominent.

CCU converts waste CO2 into sustainable everyday products such as fuels, chemicals and materials. This is a prime example of a circular economy.

This session will provide a forum for exploring the opportunities and challenges of CCU.