1st CO2-WIN Conference

8th - 9th June 2021, online

First public presentation of results - learn more about the latest breakthroughs in the field of carbon dioxide utilization and get in touch with experts from industry, academia and policy.

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Welcome to CO2-WIN

Learn more about the  the BMBF funding measure

CO2 as a sustainable source of carbon - Pathways to industrial application

Find out here about the goals, projects and progresses of the BMBF funding measure "CO2 as a sustainable carbon source - Pathways to industrial application (CO2-WIN)" and other initiatives on CO2-utilization!

           Below you will find the latest news from science, industry and politics:



Learn more about the state of the art of artificial photosynthesis

Kick-off DoE/BMBF workshop series

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The COOL-Process—A Selective Approach for Recycling Lithium Batteries

News from the project CO2-LiPriSek

What is Carbon Dioxide Utilization?

by CO2Chem

A chat with Prof Volker Sick from the Global CO2 Initiative

Using concrete as a carbon sink?